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Speed dating swansea products

Speed dating swansea products

Thin clouds form in these cold conditions, and chemical reactions on the cloud particles help chlorine and bromine gases to rapidly destroy ozone. By early October, products usually begin to warm, and thereafter the ozone layer starts to recover.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration summary-Very low ozone values were observed over Antarctica again in the Southern Hemisphere winter of Ozone depletion of more than 40 percent was observed over Antarctica compared to total ozone amounts observed in the early 's.

Vertical soundings over the South Pole during September and October again showed strong destruction of ozone at altitudes between 15 and 20 km.

However, for the year, the ozone hole declined rapidly in late September, and had the shortest duration of any year since Lower stratosphere temperatures in the winter and spring of over the Antarctic region were much higher than average values.

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