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Speed dating fun

Speed dating fun

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So, what do you like to do for fun?," my date asks and I immediately panic curious about what speed dating is really like and hopeful I might at. So you've decided you're going to give speed dating a shot. Good start! Speed dating is a great way to meet interesting singles and connect with people you. If you've never heard of speed dating before, the premise is simple. A group of single men and women (with equal numbers of both sex) meet up for a few hours.

In a world where you can have pizza delivered to your door within seconds, or sit down at your computer and have conversations with people on the other side of the world with just a few clicks, we've become used to instant gratification and doing things a little bit more efficiently.

So it's no surprise that this fast-paced attitude has been picked up in the dating world — hence the introduction of speed dating!

Funny Speed Dating 2015

If you've never heard of speed dating before, the premise is simple. A group of single men and women with equal numbers of both sex meet up for a few hours. Each man sits down facing a woman, and they have five minutes to get to know one another and see whether there's a 'spark' — that elusive chemistry you often hear about in movies. After the five minutes are up, a bell will ring and the men will move onto the next table to get to know a speed dating fun woman.

The rotation continues until every man and woman at the event have been introduced. It's easy to see why the phenomenon of speed dating caught on so quickly — it gives single people the chance to be introduced to a multitude of new faces and personalities in a short space of time.

What's Speed Dating Really Like? I Tried It & Learned The Most Surprising Lesson

Those who are stuck in a dating rut or looking to meet someone that isn't a 'friend of a friend' can find totally new acquaintances at these events — and even if they don't exchange phone numbers at the end of the night, a great time can still be had by all! Speed dating is often compared to that other dating phenomenon of our generation — online dating.

But one of the key things missing from online dating is that crucial real-life chemistry that can ignite between two people that wouldn't speed dating fun pick each other out on a dating site.

Online dating encourages single people to stick with their own 'type' and choose people with similar interests to them based on a brief and often exaggerated! That's how true love is found!

Speed dating fun

Relaxed environment at a Mixer event If you're now feeling like you want to try a speed dating session for yourself, good for you! You might be feeling a little nervous about the event — but don't panic.

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Here are some tips to ensure you have a great time on your speed dating journey: 1. Try not to have too many expectations about your speed dating event. Sure, it's great to imagine that George Clooney or Megan Fox might sit down opposite you and strike up a conversation, but the reality might speed dating fun be much more interesting.

You'll meet new people that aren't in your normal social circle, so come with an open mind and be prepared to get to know them!

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Sure, speed dating is a great way to find a new love interest, but it's also a good way to meet new friends! There are equal numbers of men and women at every speed dating event, so there's just as much of an opportunity to meet some new gal pals or fellow bachelors as there is to potentially meet 'The One'.

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Learn about people and make new friends. Do whatever you have to do in order to feel confident. Whether that means having a glass of wine during the event, or speed dating fun a glamorous dress that makes you feel great, the more confident you feel, the more you'll feel able to talk openly to the new people you're about to meet.

Don't be afraid to be 'forward'. In a regular dating scenario, you might feel a little shy about asking someone for their number, or arranging to meet up again. But at a speed dating event, you're on the clock!

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There's no time to be coy — if you like someone and you can sense that your personalities are a good match, ask them if you can exchange numbers or other contact details Twitter and Facebook are more informal, if that's more your style. The last thing you want is to feel a pang of regret when the bell rings and your time with that person is up!

Speed dating is a fun and exciting way to meet new people, even that special person you ultimately decide to date! Here are some speed dating questions that will keep dates. Anyone have funny, success or horror stories about speed dating? It's always sounded fun to me but I have never been able to try it because I always seem to be in relationships when my friends are doing it. I figure now is my chance though so Anyone have funny, success or horror stories about speed dating? It's always sounded fun to me but I have never been able to try it because I always seem to be in relationships when my friends are doing it.

The key to speed dating is to enjoy yourself. You might not strike gold every time, but you'll have spent a fun, social evening getting to know some new faces and putting yourself 'out there'.

That should fill you with confidence for the next time — when someone truly special might end up sitting across from you. Have you tried speed dating before? Perhaps you've met a love interest through speed dating — let us know in the comments! Questions or comments?


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