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Online dating nz law office

All companies report annually to the Companies Office.

How long you must keep company records You must keep the following records for 7 years: minutes of board and committee meetings written communications with shareholders, including emails resolutions copies of all financial statements a record of the assets and liabilities of the company.

There are also financial records you must keep for 7 years, including: copies of all financial statements a record of the assets and liabilities of the company, and accounting records, such as: bank statements showing money received and spent each day invoices for all the services you provided or goods you bought.

Keeping records Inland Revenue Meeting minutes and resolutions You need to keep a record of minutes from board and committee meetings, as well as resolutions from shareholders.


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Company meetings Company constitution If your company has a constitution, a copy of that constitution must be kept at your company's registered office. After you incorporate a company, you might decide to amend your constitution or adopt one.

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Your board must notify us within 10 working days if you adopt, alter or revoke your constitution. Financial records and audit statements A company's financial records must: record and explain the company's transactions comply with generally accepted accounting practice GAAP.

It's the responsibility of the board of a company to ensure the company keeps accounting records. The financial records should be readily available and properly audited if required. Alert You must prepare and submit a financial statement to Inland Revenue at the end of each financial year, even if it's not required by the Companies Office.

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