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Bicycle speed dating atlanta

Bicycle speed dating atlanta

What's happening on DeKalb Ave?

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Serving on the Stakeholder Committee, we advocated for the Complete Streets projects on the list to come first, because we were concerned money would run out before the City got around to building them. That's exactly what happened, and the new administration had to reprioritize the remaining projects.

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We all know what happened next. Despite 3 years of public meetings showing strong public approval, letters of support from every neighborhood association adjacent to DeKalb Ave, with the exception of Lake Claire, and numerous commitments from Renew Atlanta's first head, funding for the Complete Street on DeKalb Avenue was cut.

But the fight isn't over yet. This will do several things: give more of a buffer between cars and people walking, reduce speeds, and give biking a physical footprint on this important corridor as we continue to advocate for our vision below. Read more to find out how we are working to make DeKalb a safe and complete street for all and learn how you can help!

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We got some good media coverage. Along with community members and neighborhoods along DeKalb, we continue to work for a DeKalb that serves more than high-speed traffic speeding through our communities.

Time to find love on two wheels! Join the Atlanta Cycling Festival team as we bring back our Algorithm Of Bicycle Love to help connect you to that. and that "I'm just always constantly biking to some cutesy-picnic-date" vibe Bicycle speed dating atlanta.

Commuters who want a DeKalb that is safe for all modes have organized themselves to hold safe commuting rides and keep the pressure on to Complete DeKalb Ave. A resident of the street wrote an op-ed and is hosting a fundraiser for our work Sunday, June 9th at 7 pm.

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