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Who was ariana grande dating before big sean

Who was ariana grande dating before big sean

Many listeners are theorizing that this song is about one of her famous exes, and so it's only right that they're on a desperate search for any and all Big Sean references on Thank U, Next. With this being her second album in just six months, and the music video for the title track breaking records, there's plenty to focus on other than Grande's exes.

Or, even how Grande and Sean may have started their connection before his official split from Naya Rivera. Grande created Thank U, Next following the death of Miller and her breakup from Davidson, so it makes sense that Sean wouldn't have a huge presence on the album. That said, if you're a fan who hopes Grande and Sean will romantically reuniteor just feel certain that "Break Up with Your Girlfriend" is about Big Seanhere are some other possible references to him.

But did he teach her love, patience, or pain? Considering her flirty message to him in the video — his Burn Book page says "could still get it" — it's probably not pain.

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That's for her to know, and fans to theorize about! Grande tweeted in January that she's not dating anyone and Big Sean's romantic life is currently pretty under wraps.

So who knows if this former pair is actually still interested in one another. But no matter what, the Big Sean references in Thank U, Next prove that these exes are on good terms.

Ariana Grande Addresses Split With Jai Brooks? Dating Big Sean?

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