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Double your dating for free

Double your dating for free

Are any of these names familiar? And yet, they manage to date the most astonishing group of women: supermodels, actresses, you name it. So how did they do it?

I have no idea if this will actually help you "double your dating. Take a look at the traffic that Double Your Dating receives each month image from Compete.

David DeAngelo. David DeAngelo's first ebook published in and which has remained the main starting course for Double Your Dating.

I decided to study DeAngelo's site to see exactly what he was doing right. Eventually, I began to see exactly why he was able to get so many sales. Here are a few key messages that help DeAngelo generate massive sales numbers: - Anyone Can Do It: This is the single most important message.

DeAngelo makes it clear from the start that dating amazing women isn't just a privilege for a small number of guys.

He emphasizes that when he started, he was just an ordinary guy who was struggling in the dating world. With his techniques, anyone will be able to replicate his success. This is a powerful message that casts a net over an extremely wide market. He has put all of his techniques into action, and repeatedly mentions this in the form of case studies and examples.

Double your dating for free

He walks his students step-by-step through each technique, and explains exactly why it works the way it works. This gives him a massive boost in credibility.

Double your dating for free

He breaks down his products into three broad categories: dating essentials which are the "must haves"inner game programs which focus on how to develop confidenceand technique programs which focus on actual pick-up situations.

By offering a money-back guarantee, DeAngelo takes the risk away from the buyer.

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He is effectively saying that the buyer can't lose. Sure, he's going to get some refunds, but he'll also boost sales dramatically.

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A final thought: Lots of people think that customizing your message to your audience is everything. Don't get me wrong — this is really important — but what's even more crucial is following these few key principals. Good sales copy and broad product offerings, combined with powerful psychological messaging, is going to move merchandising…no matter what niche you are in.

Sometimes we include links to online sometimes stores. If you click on one and make a variety we may receive a small commission. For more information, go here. If you forgot that date, posters can be found all around Lewisburg and the Van Lowe Estate.

As proof, just take a look at Ramit Sethi's Earn1k sales tactics and observe the similarities. What other examples have you seen of effective messaging? Please share in the comments.

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