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Circle dating definition

Circle dating definition

Milestones Funnel Response Management creates a measurable circle dating definition using a combination of funnel stages, stage attainment dates, reportable dimensions and calculations on the campaign member object. In previous versions of Response Management, the configuration of funnel stage fields, attainment dates and additional custom fields to support reporting were delivered using a combination of managed package fields, custom workflows, processes and, in some cases, triggers.

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This feature greatly simplifies implementation and maintenance by providing a wizard-like circle dating definition to set up and update funnels, funnel-related fields and settings. For new customers deploying Response Management, the new Funnel feature will be enabled by default and will be used to customize the solution.

The application will be updated but disabled. There is no requirement to migrate to the new functionality and a switch will require a review and potential re-vamp of business processes.

When the application is first installed, two draft funnels defined by the "Campaign Sourced By" field as funnels attributed to Marketing and Sales are available. For example, to create a funnel to measure Partner-sourced, add "Partner" to the list of values in the picklist. In Funnel configuration, add a new funnel and select "Partner".

Circle dating definition

Administrators will activate a funnel once the necessary business processes are defined. When a funnel is activated it may not be modified. The user must clone the configuration which creates a clone in draft mode, make changes to the funnel and then activate it. This provides security so that users do not accidentally change active funnels on the fly and also allows circles dating to audit when funnels were in place for data audit purposes.

Full Circle delivers a standard set of funnel stages that meet the needs of most companies. The funnels and definitions delivered with the package are described below. Administrators can drag and drop the stages to set their order in the funnel.

There are 3 elements that comprise a funnel stage: 1.

Campaign member funnel fields to be populated upon stage attainment 3. Campaign member user-related fields to be populated upon stage attainment 1. If you select Field Update as triggering event the application will prompt you to select either the Opportunity or the Campaign object where the field update occurs to be evaluated in setting the stage.

Use formula fields to track funnel progress. Check this box to use formula fields to track your funnel progress. When checked, the fields to populate picklists will be replaced with formula field picklists.

Response Management will not populate these formula fields; they will work as Salesforce intends.

Circle USDC User Agreement – USDC

User Tracking will depend on Triggering Events. User Tracking It is now possible to configure user-related fields to be populated on the campaign member upon stage attainment.

With the new custom funnel framework, the ability to configure user tracking fields to be set when a certain stage is attained has been added to the administration console. We recommend doing this only if enabling the version 1.

To see that the feature is enabled navigate to Advanced Configuration. In the section labeled Funnel Configuration the setting Enable Funnels?

Under Draft Funnels, you will see two pre-existing draft funnels for Marketing and Sales. The table below describes the default configurations for these stages. To view and customize a funnel stage settings, click on Edit on the funnel stage color bar.

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