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Best hookup app taiwan

Best hookup app taiwan

Best hookup app taiwan, forget friends with benefits

Most apps allow you to contact other users without paying, unlike many dating websites that only allow this for women. Tinder Tinder is by far the most used app in Taiwan, and available completely in English.

Mar 16, I asked some Taiwanese friends about dating apps to meet local girls (My Chinese isn't that good so here's a summarized translation from my. In case you are a Taiwanese man dwelling overseas and you'd like to date a woman from house, or you're a foreigner and you discover the lasses from Taipei .

It requires a Facebook account and verification by phone. The users are both locals and foreigners, with many but by far not all speaking English. The app shows you nearby users, and based on their photos and descriptions you can like them or not.

If they also like you you get a match, and only then can you communicate. The app is completely in English.

Best hookup app taiwan

Quite a bit of advertisement is shown in this app. Signing up can be done with Facebook, or simply with an email address.

Best hookup app taiwan

This easy signup seems to cause obviously fake "users" contacting you quite frequently with automated looking messages, for example asking you to chat on other apps. There you can find it by searching for for "iPair".

While the website is in Chinese only, the app is usable mostly in English. The users are mostly local, with virtually all information in Chinese.

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The basic functions are similar to Tinder, additional features are Date offers and video streaming. At first it looks like you can use it completely free, but after a few days it requires you to upgrade to see profiles, read messages, etc.

To upgrade to a paid version, at least the android app claims it "needs" to access all your contacts - ugh. So you will see people that you actually saw on the MRT, or walking on the street.

Important to Know

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This is an interesting way to find someone you frequently yet unknowingly meet but don't know yet. Also, it allows you to get in contact with other people regardless of matching or not. Not as many users as i-Part or Tinder. It seems to be popular in Hong Kong and south east Asia though, with quite some users in Taiwan from these places.

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Fun fact: Blendr is the straight brother or sister? Quite similar to Tinder.

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