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Dating of battle of carchemish

Dating of battle of carchemish

He was the sixth king of the twenty-sixth dynasty of Manetho, and succeeded his father Psammetichus in B. One hundred and twenty thousand lives were said to have been sacrificed in the former enterprise. On desisting from it, he turned his attention to other plans of conquest, defeated the Syrians at Magdolus, near Pelusium, and took Cadytis, a great city of Syria, which Herodotus describes as not much less than Sardis.

Carchemish dating battle

Herodotus, however iii. In any case, it was in the course of this invasion, directed against the Babylonian Empire, then ruled by Nabopolassar, the father of Nebuchadnezzar, that he defeated and slew Josiah at Megiddo 2Chroniclesdeposed Jehoahaz, and appointed Jehoiakim 2Chronicles By some writers, accordingly R. Poole, in Smith's Dict.

Pharaoh-nechoMegiddo is identified with the Magdolus of Herodotus. His army advanced, and took the city of Carchemish, by some Hitzig identified with Circesium, an island formed by the confluence of the Chaboras and the Euphrates; by others Rawlinson with a Hittite city, now Jerablus, a corruption of the Greek Hierapolis, much higher up the Euphrates.

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See Note on Isaiah After the capture Necho appears to have returned to Egypt. Pulpit Commentary Verse 2. Psammetichuswho had for a time revived the declining power of Egypt.

The Battle of Carchemish was fought about BC between the armies of Egypt allied with the Date, c. BC. Location. Carchemish. Result. Decisive Babylonian and Median(?) victory. End of Egyptian intervention in the Near East. 23, (a new fixed date in Babylonian history). Whil In transferring dates to the Julian calendar, it would be more is the date of the battle of Carchemish.

Herodotus credits him with being the first to construct a canal to the Red Sea, which seems an exaggeration see Sir Gardner Wilkinson's note ap. Rawlinsonalso with having caused the circumnavigation of Africa, after which the Phoenician seamen brought back the startling news that they had had the sun upon their right hand.

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This energetic monarch noticed the decline of Assyria, and, at the battle of Megiddo Herodotus,wrongly says Magdolus or Migdolreattached Judah to the Egyptian empire. Four years later, at the battle of Carchemish, he himself sustained a crushing defeat at the hands of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar 2 Chronicles This was the great emporium of Mesopotamia, Syria, and Palestine.

When did Battle of Carchemish take place? - dating of battle of carchemish

Its true site was discovered by Mr. George Smith, in his last fatal journey, to be at Jerabis or Jirbas, on the right bank of the Euphrates.

It was anciently a city of the Kheta equivalent to Khittim, "Hittites"but passed to the Assyrians, under Sargon, under whom it attained the highest commercial prosperity, especially after the overthrow of Tyre by Sennacherib. The "mana," or mina, "of Gargamis" is constantly referred to as a standard weight in the commercial cuneiform inscriptions.

In the fourth year, etc. Marcus Niebuhr wishes to put a stop before these words, so as to make them a definition of the date of the prophecy. He thinks the date of the battle of Carchemish was the third and not the fourth year of Jehoiakim.

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This view, however, is very uncertain see Keiland it is exegetieally very unnatural to detach the closing words of ver. The obvious inference, moreover, from the dating of battle of carchemish vers. Should Niebuhr's chronological combinations, however, turn out to be correct, the mistake would probably not be that of Jeremiah, nor of his scribe, but of his editor, who may easily have fallen into error in the mere minutiae of chronology.

Matthew Henry Commentary The whole word of God is against those who obey not the gospel of Christ; but it is for those, even of the Gentiles, who turn to Him.

The prophecy begins with Egypt. Let them strengthen themselves with all the art and interest they have, yet it shall be all in vain.

The wounds God inflicts on his enemies, cannot be healed by medicines. Power and prosperity soon pass from one to another in this changing world.

Field of Glory 2 - Carchemish

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