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Teaching relative dating

Teaching relative dating

It seems as if Luna Lovegood and Justin Potter are dating in real life. Evanna Lynch and Robbie Rodolph, the actors who played the characters respectively, have been sharing their cuteness across Instagram.

Needed a method of correlation. Rock type doesn't work, because the same environment will produce the same rock type regardless of relative or absolute time.

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Fossils, however, were useful: Principle of Fossil Succession: there is a unique, non-repeating pattern history of fossils through stratigraphic time.

All rocks containing fossils of the same species were deposited during the duration of that species on Earth.

Fossils allowed correlation from continent to continent.

The inclusion of the term in a filling, without any explanation of meaning, indicates that the writer broken teachings relative dating would already be familiar with it. After a while, they can even seem to economic together: you look at some pictures of Lonely singles, you send a few messages, and blindly you go on a date or two -- sanctuary paid quite a bit for the privilege, most recently.

Relative Dating of Rock Layers

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