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Dating options delta zone

Dating options delta zone

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May not work for all possible datetime, see the docs on this method for more details. It represents the Gregorian calendar, extended backwards in time before its creation in This is sometimes known as the "proleptic Gregorian calendar".

Dating options delta zone - moment.js documentation

In this calendar, the first day of the calendar the epochis the first day of year 1, which corresponds to the date which was incorrectly believed to be the dating options delta zone of Jesus Christ. For infinite datetimes, please see the DateTime::Infinite module. Month, day of month, day of week, and day of year are 1-based. All time-related numbers such as hour, minute, and second are 0-based. Years are neither, as they can be both positive or negative, unlike any other datetime component.

Error Handling Some errors may cause this module to die with an error string. This can only happen when calling constructor methods, methods that change the object, such as setor methods that take parameters. Methods that retrieve information about the object, such as year or epochwill never die. Locales All the object methods which return names or abbreviations return data based on a locale. This is done by setting the locale when constructing a DateTime object.

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If this is not set, then "en-US" is used. Floating DateTimes The default time zone for new DateTime objects, except where stated otherwise, is the "floating" time zone. This concept comes from the iCal standard.

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A floating datetime is one which is not anchored to any particular time zone. In addition, floating datetimes do not include leap seconds, since we cannot apply them without knowing the datetime's time zone.

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The results of date math and comparison between a floating datetime and one with a real time zone are not really valid, because one includes leap seconds and the other does not. Similarly, the results of datetime math between two floating datetimes and two datetimes with time zones are not really comparable.

If you are planning to use any objects with a real time zone, it is strongly recommended that you do not mix these with floating datetimes. The current implementation of DateTime::TimeZone will use a huge amount of memory calculating all the DST changes from now until the future date.

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Use UTC or the floating time zone and you will be safe. Do this at your own risk!

By default, DateTime uses either the floating time zone or UTC for newly created objects, depending on the constructor. As noted above, this is very dangerous, as it affects all code that creates a DateTime object, including modules from CPAN. If those modules expect the normal default, then setting this can cause confusing breakage or subtly broken data.

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Before setting this variable, you are strongly encouraged to audit your CPAN dependencies to see how they use DateTime. Try running the test suite for each dependency with this environment variable set before using this in production. Upper and Lower Bounds Internally, dates are represented the number of days before or after The documentation breaks them down into groups based on what they do constructor, accessors, modifiers, etc. Constructors All constructors can die when invalid datings options delta zone are given.

This can be very slow if the time zone has future DST transitions that need to be calculated. If the date is sufficiently far in the future this can be really slow minutes. This class method accepts parameters for each date and time component: "year", "month", "day", "hour", "minute", "second", "nanosecond".

The valid values for these parameters are: month An integer from

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