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Dating cdv

Dating cdv

You can now make an attempt to date the photograph from the design on the back - click on the image of the back to see 12 or more card designs from each decade Read the description below then go to my list of ladies by year A short description of fashion and photographic changes after s If you look at the image of the standing person in the photo or lady sitting on a chair and you can see both dating cdv and feet with a carpet some old furniture and studio props such as a curtain, the man may have a jacket buttoned only at the top and the woman has a down to the ground wide dress and her ears cannot be seen for the hair covering it and the back of the card has a simple print for the photographers name and the cardboard feels a bit thin - it is from the first half of the s.

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If you can see her ears it is the later s. Such cards usually have square corners.

Men wore lounge suits with matching waistcoats by the middle of the decade. The ladies look like they are wearing heavy furnishing rather than dresses.

But the comfort of dating cdv with someone you know, like and divine is worth investing the time to build the relationship. Click at this page one. Wish up your dating cdv and think about the best way to gay the subject. The next article will tell you how to do it. I'm not by any site speaking about everyone; I am however speaking about certain years I have come in contact with.

The cardboard is thicker and stronger less flexible than a playing card and the printing on the back is typeset dating cdv fonts but usually one large word, and perhaps a border, and the rest small and coloured inks may be used and a logo may appear. The card may have rounded corners - mid to late s. These date from the s.

Some still show full length and a carpet in the early s s The ladies dress may be severe and close fitting or it has a bustle ishskirts had pleated edges, boys wore sailor datings cdv and velvet suits, Men did not wear frock coats and wore a morning-coat suit or a lounge suit, top hat, bowler or straw hat. Norfolk jackets were popular as were more casual clothes. Ladies wore tight fitting jackets, high white collars or ruffs a brooch at the neck, lots of buttons in rows, tight fitting sleeves, odd little hats, hair plain or curls usually pulled back.

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The back of the card is quite filled with print, with medals, famous customers, branches, and could be artistic. Studio furniture and chairs look as if from a fine country house.

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Sleeves became wider until by the 'leg of mutton' dating cdv with sort of upstanding 'wings' on the shoulders. Collars were high and with a ruffle or lace under the stiff outer. Sleeves became tighter by and frilled bodices came into fashion.

Most cartes were head and shoulders only, the backs were very elaborate and artistic, coloured backs and gold print common. Plain backs with the photographer's name on the lower front, some like this occur from about Many cabinet card seem to dating cdv from the s and s and after Wide sleeved blouses were still worn for a few years, but for many this was the era of the blouse and simple skirt and straw boater hat, and wide hats for special occasions.

Dating cdv

Those enormously wide brimmed hats date from June onward and dating cdv often worn with a short slit in the skirt. In the s hair was cut short for some and the hemline rose for the first time ever. Some cabinet and CDV photos were produced for the first decade of the century as there was still a demand, but the later cabinet card looked a little different, simple logo and studio on the bottom front and often with embossed patterns or channels and saw-cut edges or pinking and rarely any writing on the back.

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