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Dating app instagram keyboard

Dating app instagram keyboard

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By Griffin Wynne July 8, If tea-spilling makeup tutorials on Youtube have taught me anything, it's that people keep receipts. Although I don't remember the exact wording of every flirty conversation I've ever had, I sure as heck remember when my summer crush DMed me to say they "liked my vibe" three summers ago I've honestly considered printing out the screenshot.

Like a giant bottle of witch hazel toner, your words are going to last for a while. So, knowing what to say when sliding into someone's DMs can be totally helpful when you're trying to make a connection.

And if you don't have someone's number or you don't see them in person that often, writing to them on Instagram can be equal parts mellow and macking. According to Cox, the best way to start a conversation via Instagram is to pump yourself up beforehand.

Start with a common topic and then transition into other things. Rather than drawing attention to their body or clothes, consider asking a question about where their last photo was taken or what they've been up to lately. Although confidence can be the name of the game, Cox shares that when it dating app instagram keyboard to sliding into the DMs, timing is key. If they post a story about a movie you just saw, ask them what they thought about the ending.

Be thoughtful and creative, and remember that you are messaging a human being.

Dating app instagram keyboard

Responding to a story or engaging more with their content can be a super fun way to get into their DMs too. I'll be the first to say that the hours of my life I've spent endlessly swiping on Tinder can sometimes make me grow less cognizant of the fact that users on the internet are literal people.

Remember: Although you may be messaging someone who gets a lot of attention on the 'Gram, there is someone with feelings on the other end of the keyboard.

They go to Target to pick out bedspreads. They eat snacks at midnight in their underwear with the TV on in the background. If you're worried about what to say, ask them about their day.

A blind date is a date based for you by someone else and where you don't know the hypothesis you are going to meet. Have w ever done this. What do you find of the idea.

You may be surprised by how much you actually have in common off-screen. If you're gearing up to ask someone out, Cox shares some tips to consider first. Make plans and meet them IRL. Of course, it's always OK to ask your crush out first — and suggesting a new bar or a class you think you'd both enjoy can be casual and fun.

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While you may feel a little nervous, Cox encourages you not to overthink your opening message. It all comes down to whether or not they want to get to know you.

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Although you never need to change or delete past Instagrams for a crush, if your last hundred posts are of you and your ex, you may want to consider expressing that you are single as well. Instagram can be a form of self-expression, but it doesn't always tell the whole story.

If you're thinking about asking someone out over Instagram that you don't really know or have never met IRL, Cox attests that you should use your common sense and be aware of boundaries. For example, like a few of their photos not and then start commenting on something relevant to their caption or something you liked about their post," Cox says.

Additionally, you may want to consider how your crush interacts with you and your Instagram before jumping into their inbox. As Cox shares, if they don't follow you back, they may have their eye on other people.

Dating app instagram keyboard

And if they leave your messages on read or barely respond.


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